Glass Development Kit Preview

If you are one of those people, who likes to use and work with the new gadgets and technologies, then you must have surely heard of Google Glass. Although this wearable computer is still under development, Google has already released their new Glass Development Kit (GDK) which can be used by the developers to create android apps that can be run on the Glass.

The Development Kit is considered to be much more useful than the Mirror API. The Mirror API was limited in thesense that the glassware designed using it could not be run directly on the Glass. But with GDK, the glassware can be directly executed on the device, because the Development Kit Bounce House For Sale allows direct access to the Glasshardware. GDK is being offered as an add-on to the existing Android SDK, so that the developers not only create newsoftware for the Glass platform but also make the existing android apps run on it. In fact the Glassware isactually delivered as the standard Android package (APK). What this actually means is that you now get to work on an innovative device but using the same old environment, which you are very much comfortable as of now.

This way the developers can leverage the existing Android building blocks like views, layouts, Ul-widgets, GPS etc. and combine them with the voice, gesture detector and other exciting features of the Development Kit to deliver Glassware that will amaze the world. As of now the developers can start writing apps using the new GDK, but they can not start testing their apps yet as the device is still not available in the market. Google has not released the full GDK, but once it does, it will open many unknown and exciting Glass features to the developers.

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