Google Glass for newbee. iOS vs Android

google glass for android and iphoneWhen Google provided with the option to invite your fellows to join the program in Glass Explorer (beta-testers and developers), many users were too excited, and it was fair also. Today Google is not requiring latest Explorers to make the journey to choose up Glass, where they would have received a proactive demo of the headset. As an alternative, through a Google+ Hangout, Google is over-night shipping the latest version of device openly to the privileged users and providing a 45-minutes tutorial session.

Exclusive of the hands-on time with a Guide of Glass placing next to you, there are surely some of the questions after the Hangout is over. The most common question are given below, I’d seen in both the Glass Community forums along with in various Explorer groups in the Google+.

Without doubt the biggest question can be asked for new Glass Explorers is whether or not an Android device is essential to use this device. The answer is no, an Android device is not required.

The users of Glass who Hüpfburg carry out around an iPhone will be able to take benefit of most features presented by this device, but there are a few pretty big holes left in the functionality. The users of iphone will not be able to take benefit of SMS messaging, screen casting turn-by-turn navigation and the no tethering requirement to a paired device.

The users of iphone will be able to use any application that merely relies on a data connection, as long as Glass is coupled to Wi-Fi or an iOS device through a tethering plan. You can still provide with a facility to send a message using gadget with an iPhone, though the message will be sent via e-mail in place of SMS.

Glass Explorers with an iPhone should make use of the Google Search application to better manage the Google Now content revealed to them on the device. With the Google Now app you can set reminders, view sports updates, traffic alerts, weather, and much more.

Users of Android will require to install the MyGlass companion application to take benefit of features iOS users can not. The main advantage of using an Android device above iOS is that it does not often talked about is the statement that a tethering plan is no longer necessary to use Glass when Wi-Fi is not available.Google updated the MyGlass application sometimes back, adding up the facility for the application to handle all data throughput through the application, not through Bluetooth tethering. This is the feature which can potentially save Explorers from having to switch data plans, or spending some more extra money every month just to use this gadget.

For users of iphone who are thinking about giving a try to Android with Glass, I suggest picking up a Nexus 5. At the price point of only $350 for the base model, and the fact that without a contract, it is an unlocked device, you cannot really go wrong. The two weeks return period for you is more than enough time to decide whether or not making the switch is worth it. For those who want to give it a try or thinking to switch but are on Verizon, any Android device running Android 4.0 and higher than 4.0 will definately work.

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