Top 5 must have applications for Google Glass

Top 5 applications for google glassGoogle Glass is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display (OHMD) developed by Google. It displays information in a smartphone – like hands free digital eyeglasses allowing you to communicate over the internet via voice commands. Google has provided the option for current user of the glasses to invite three friends to join the Glass Explorer program with the current users. You now have the chance to explore the hottest gadget in the market and with it these are the top 5 must have Google Glass apps.


Beyond the officially approved Castillos Hinchables applications there are some awesome unapproved apps that can be side-loaded onto device. If hands-free use isn’t enough then how about the ability to take photos by simply blinking? Winky app opens to you officially disabled Google Glass features.


Hungry? This app gives you an opportunity to voice search for recipes, choose relevant cards and get a full ingredients list, and step-by-step instructions. Forget about cookbooks and tablet app – upload a chef to your gadget.


You can receive notifications on tweet on your device and share photos on Twitter. To turn on Twitter simply go to and turn on Twitter allowing you keep up through notifications mention, DMs and tweets from followers for whom you have turned on notifications.

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You can use Google Glass to view your videos and pictures. That makes it easier to manage your content. Share any pictures with everybody, everywhere, anytime. Get new version of our applications for any device here.


google glass app for facebookYou also can share photos and videos directly to Facebook from Google Glass. Visit MyGlass page then click on the Facebook card to turn it on however if you are not logged on to Facebook a window will prompt you to log in then simply click Allow access to confirm. You will be able to add description to you videos and photos as well as tag your friend.

All the Apps on Google Glass will enables you receiving important notifications on your Twitter, Gmail and Facebook account. At the same time allowing you to capture and share memorable moments with your family and friend on the go. If you are a Glass Explorer you now have access to information on News, developments and features available on the gadget. You can also join discussion forums and share your application ideas with us. For any new explorers feel free to leave a comment below and any questions or thought you may have on Glass.

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